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Why Use Bizibrush Professional Painting?

How we work to Achieve Excellence
We understand the major frustrations when dealing with painters are poor communication, performance and reliability plus inadequate responsiveness when problems occur.
At Bizibrush Professional Painting we have systems in place from quotation through to completion so that “we do what we said we would do”.  We have found this produces a long-lasting paint finish and provides our clients with peace of mind long after the painting is finished.
We call this our common-sense approach:

  • Where 2 or more painters are undertaking your painting project, a Project Supervisor will always be present and will be your main liaison with Bizibrush Professional Painting.
  • For each project we supply a Work Order to the painters, which is essentially a copy of the quote.
  • The painters undertake the work specified on the “Work Order” and this is usually confirmed with you on the day we commence your project. Sometimes issues develop during the course of the project eg you don‘t like the colour once we have applied the first coat or we discover problems not evident at the time of quoting such as rotten timber or kalsomine in old plaster preventing the paint from adhering. As we come across these issues we discuss them with you to determine a suitable solution.
  • At the end of the project we clean up any mess we have created and then leave you in peace (after the account has been paid of course!).

The Quotation Stage
When we are asked to quote for your painting project we respond as follows:

  1. make an appointment to meet with you to view the site and discuss your requirements.
  2. at the appointment look closely at the surfaces to be painted to determine if there are any pre-existing issues that are evident that require special treatment eg mould, rotten timber, kalsomine.
  3. we discuss your requirements so we know the standard of finish you require.
  4. where you require a finish to a high standard we know to allow additional time at the preparation stage to include such things as removing excess layers of paint (where you don’t like the “thick” look) and filling additional blemishes and imperfections on walls etc.
  5. we also discuss your colour requirements as this can affect the number of coats required or whether we need to undercoat prior to painting. Where there are to be significant colour changes eg from dark to light or light to dark this can drastically affect the time and paint required, particularly for woodwork.
  6. after meeting with you we prepare a written quote detailing exactly the work we will be undertaking and email, fax or post this to you. As we have prepared the quote based on our understanding, which may be incorrect, it is important that you read it thoroughly to ensure all areas are included, that you are satisfied with the preparation standards and the colours and the sheen levels specified are correct.
  7. a few days later we will send you a follow-up email to ensure you have received the quote.

It is critical that you advise us at the quotation stage if you require an “as new” finish.

Preparation We May Undertake
Correct preparation of surfaces prior to painting is vital for the longevity of your new paintwork but also for aesthetic reasons.
What is included as preparation?

  • Wash grease, nicotine, mould and dirt from surfaces where required.
  • Remove peeling and cracked paint or paint in poor condition. This can be done using a pressure washer, heat gun, sander, paint stripper or a scraper.
  • Sand back rough edges so final paintwork looks smooth. Also rough edges under new paintwork can cause adhesion problems.
  • Fill cracks and gaps with the appropriate filler – “No More Gaps” type for between woodwork, weatherboards and most joins. Cornice cement or plasterboard compound filler for interior walls and ceilings. Mortar type filler for rendered and brick walls (interior and exterior). 2-pack bog type fillers for filling larger holes and gaps in weatherboards and timber. Putty and timber fillers for woodwork.
  • Lightly sand surfaces after filling etc to ensure a smooth/clean surface prior to undercoating/painting.
  • Seal stains to stop them bleeding through the new paint eg ink, water marks, mould stains etc.
  • Prime/undercoat bare timber, plasterboard, masonry and metal surfaces. Undercoat after wallpaper removal. Undercoat with a tinted undercoat when painting a very strong or dark colour over a light colour. Undercoat woodwork, particularly when painting a light colour over a dark colour or vice-versa, particularly when painting in enamel. Significant colour change on woodwork often requires one coat of undercoat and 1-2 coats of top coat.

The Painting Process
The painting process incorporates the following steps:

Job Set-Up
We arrive on the agreed day/time with our materials, paint and tools. We confirm job requirements with you and set-up our work area eg set-up our main storage area for tools and materials and lay out dropsheets.
If you are living in the house whilst we are painting, we will organise a painting schedule with you so that we paint 1 or 2 rooms at a time to minimise disruption.

We undertake the required preparation as previously agreed with you and as detailed in our quote. Depending on the situation this may include washing down the surface, removing peeling paint, sanding back previous layers of paint, filling cracks/gaps, stain sealing and applying undercoat.

We paint the surfaces in the colours and paint as specified in our quote. Should any issues arise we consult with you immediately.

Job Completion
Our Project Supervisor undertakes a final check of the painting job to ensure it has been carried out to our Bizibrush Professional Painting standards and as specified in our quote. We will ask you if there are any touch-ups that you require. The work area is tidied and we clean up any mess we have created.

We Guarantee to:

  • complete the job within the specified period.
  • treat your property and its occupants with respect.
  • turn up on time.
  • clean up any mess we create.
  • we pay you $100 per day we're late Guaranteed.

We paint to Australian Standards
We paint to Australian Standards,  our painting is undertaken in accordance with AS/NZS 2311.  For further information see MPA website -

Member of professional organisations
MPA keeps us informed of ongoing changes in our industry particularly Workcover/ OH&S.
MPA offers training courses and provides us with a point of reference when we require technical information.

Call Bizibrush Professional Painting today, the painting specialists on free call 0401 497 324 or fill out the free online quote form now.
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