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Paint Selection
Paint Table
Paint Main Use Comments
  • Ceilings - interior only
  • Hides blemishes, not washable.
Low-sheen or
washable matte
  • Interior Walls
  • All exterior surfaces excluding metalwork
  • Washable, more hardwearing than flat - must be a high quality paint to be highly washable
  • Use on exterior timber and mortar - look for at least a 10 year warranty on the can
  • Interior bathroom ceilings & walls
  • Interior woodwork
  • More water resistant if the bathroom is not well ventilated
  • Use where woodwork is to have a low sheen level
  • Interior woodwork
  • Exterior woodwork including some metalwork
  • Use inside where woodwork to have a higher sheen level
  • Use on exterior timber and mortar - look for at least a 10 year warranty on the can
  Satin enamel
  • Interior Woodwork
  • Tough, hard wearing finish. More durable than acrylic.
Gloss enamel
  • Interior & exterior Woodwork
  • Tough, hard wearing. Good for metal finishes eg lacework.
  • Good for front doors

Which Paint Should Be Used In My Home?
It depends on the situation but the simple rules are as follows:

Ceilings - flat acrylic to hide blemishes, not washable.
Walls - low-sheen acrylic as it is washable.
Woodwork - satin or gloss enamel as tougher than acrylic.

Gutters, fascias, eaves, weatherboards, render, bricks, windows, doors, architraves and timber/render fences - low-sheen or gloss acrylic on all surfaces. Sometimes where windows are already painted in enamel we may recoat in enamel.
Render walls - matt acrylic as it will look more like render and won't highlight blemishes and roller marks particularly on multi-storey buildings.
Steel surfaces such as lacework, wrought iron, metal banisters and metal finials - paint in enamel as it is tougher and holds rust back more effectively. Front doors are often painted in enamel paint.
Note: for a long-term finish use only exterior acrylic paints with at least a 10-year manufacturer's warranty

Eco Paints vs Traditional Paints
Eco paint is a recent term used to describe paints that are made from natural and non-toxic ingredients such as clay, plants and natural wood oils. The major benefit of these types of paints and tinters is they produce less or no fumes and are therefore healthier to live with. These paints do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOC) in their paint bases or tinters. It is the VOC's that emit fumes. These paints are now made in Australia and are a viable option for home owners.
Traditional paints that you buy at the hardware store are chemical based and generally contain numerous chemicals and toxins. These paints emit fumes that can continue to let off-gas for up to 5 years. In recent years the major paint companies have brought out low-VOC paint ranges.
Generally traditional paints are more durable than the eco paints, are less expensive and easier to obtain. They also offer broad product ranges.

Eco paints are improving in quality, supply and price and are becoming a realistic option for homeowners when deciding which paint to use in their home.
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