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bizibrush painters & decorating
bizibrush painters & decorating
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How You Can Help Your Painter
For your painting project to run smoothly and on time it is important that you do the following:
  • Know what it is that you want painted and advise us of your expectations regarding the paint finish at the time of quoting. It is very important that you are honest with us regarding your expectations. If you require a perfect finish on your walls for example we may advise you to have the walls replastered prior to painting.
  • Read and fully understand the quotation. Ensure all of the work you are expecting to be undertaken is included in the quote. Check that all colours specified are accurate. Understand the preparation that is to be undertaken.
  • Know the colours you wish to use and communicate this to your painter at least a few days prior to him/her starting. Be aware that colour changes can impact the price of the job.
  • Unless previously agreed it is your responsibility to remove curtains/blinds from the windows plus rods and other large fittings. Brackets and small fittings can be left in place. This also applies to paintings etc.
  • Clear the room as much as possible, particularly of small items. Benches and furniture tops e.g. dressers should be totally cleared to prevent damage. Large items of furniture should be moved away from the surfaces to be painted, usually to the middle of the room. Small items should be cleared from the room.
Where your entire house is to be painted, we will communicate with you daily regarding areas to be painted. We should be able to agree on a work plan that will enable us to work efficiently but where your disruption is minimised as much as possible.
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