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Interior Painting
What You Can Expect from Bizibrush Professional Painting
  • furniture, floors and carpets will be protected by drop sheets.
  • dirt, grease, mildew, soap, nicotine and oil will be washed from all surfaces prior to painting.
  • stains such as watermarks, mould and ink that could “bleed through” the new paint will be sealed.
  • loose paint will be scraped back and the surface sanded smooth.
  • cracks and holes in walls, ceilings and woodwork will be filled and sanded smooth.
  • open joints and gaps between surfaces will be filled for a cleaner and more finished appearance.
  • new timber and plasterboard will be undercoated prior to being painted.
  • only quality paints will be used to ensure longevity.
  • a sufficient number of coats (usually 2 for walls) will be applied to achieve good colour coverage and for a long-lasting finish.
  • all excess paint will be removed from windows or anything else not being painted.
  • touch-up paint will be labelled and left for future use.
Note: whilst we undertake minor replastering on walls and ceilings it is unrealistic to expect us to return these surfaces to an “as new” condition. If you require perfect ceilings and walls please advise us so we can refer you to a plasterer.
OH&S Issues
We need to follow OH&S regulations when painting.
Painters need to assess the following:
  • Stairwells, atriums, high ceilings etc – sometimes scaffolding or scissor lifts are required to reach high areas.
  • Furniture & fittings – is there sufficient room to work around these or do areas need to be cleared?
  • Painting in enclosed areas – if we need to use high fume paints such as stain sealers or enamels we need to look at ventilation. We may need to wear ventilators.
Sanding – if there is a lot of sanding to be done we need to consider the likely toxicity levels of the surfaces being sanded. We also need to consider ventilation or whether we need to wear ventilators or masks.

Interior Painting Process
If you are living in your home or working in the premises whilst the painting is to be undertaken we will paint 1 or 2 areas/rooms at one time to minimise disruption. If the property is empty we will finish ceilings first and then paint the walls and woodwork.
Our painter(s) will communicate with you daily so that you can work out which areas are to be painted, providing you with sufficient notice to move furniture, remove curtains/blinds etc. You need to plan in the painting of bedrooms so you always have somewhere to sleep that isn’t affected by any paint fumes.

Selecting Interior Colours
For each room you wish to paint answer the questions below:

  • How high are your ceilings?
  • What colours are your window treatments and furniture?
  • Do you have any other furnishings/wall hangings that you wish to feature?
  • What colour is your carpet/floor covering?
  • Do you like colour?
  • Do you prefer white/off-white?
  • What is the room to be used for?

Colours change depending on the amount of daylight entering the room and the artificial lights to be used in the room. As the light changes throughout the day and night so do the colours in the room.
A simple rule is: the less natural light available the deeper the colours will appear

High ceilings can take deeper colours more than low ceilings. Low ceilings are generally painted in a white/off-white to make them appear higher and the rooms larger.

Deeper colours on walls make them appear closer and often the room smaller. Generally, small rooms with minimal daylight are painted in light colours and large rooms or rooms with large windows can be painted in deeper colours, depending on the use for the room.
A good way to bring colour into a room is to paint one wall in a deeper or brighter colour i.e. create feature walls. When creating feature walls special finishes can also be used eg Suede, Stone Effects etc.

Woodwork is often painted in the same colour as the walls or slightly lighter or darker unless a contrast is required.

Call Bizibrush Professional Painting today, the painting specialists on free call 0401 497 324 or fill out the free online quote form now.
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